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Data Collection


LiDAR points are recorded in ips2 formatting and require processing and calibration to from point clouds.



Ladybug camera Images are stored in .pgr format (Point Grey Research) and require processing to be converted to 360 imagery.


UAV images are captured in RAW format, sometimes referred to as "digital negatives", and require processing before use.

Text file showwing a list of points created by Pararie 3D Mobile Mapping system


LiDAR and photogrametry is processed into point clouds.


Images are stitched into 360 degree photos and used to colorize the point cloud.



Point Clouds - .LAS .ASCII .IPS .REL

          Using ECEF, NED, WGS84, or GRID Coordinates

Imagery - .JPG .PNG .BMP .TIFF8 .TIFF16 .HDR

The western artch of the bridge was scanned with LiDAR and processed into a  reflectivity coloirized point clous.
The points were colourized using imagery from the Ladybug 360 camera. Multiple LiDAR and Imaging scans were conducted using Mobile Mapping.

Advanced Processing

Surfaces can be created from point clouds.

Points may be classified by type, such as ground, vegetation, buildings, overhead lines, etc.


Images can be stitched into 360 degree videos.


Analysis such as Normalized Density Vegetation Index (NDVI), Ferrous Minerals Ratio (FMR), Burn Area Index (BAI), Normalized Density Water Index (NDWI) may be performed. Indexes can be delivered as images or text files.



Video - .AVI .FLV .WMV H.264

Indexes - .TXT .CSV .JPG .PNG .GIF .SVG

Infrared image captured using a custom multispectral camera mounted on a quad rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) multirotor IR
NDWI image produced from infrared and Visual imaging over the University of Saskatchewan campus. Credit Danno Peters
Infrared aerial image of mid season Durum Wheat captured by Danno Peters using a custom Multispectral Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV Drone

Surveying and Mapping

Orthographic and road/utility maps can be crated.


Surfaces can be used to produce topographical maps and cross sections.


These cross sections can be exported as point clouds or converted to a model compatible with various CAD software.



3D Files: .OBJ .STL .

Geo-Referenced: .JPG .PNG .geoTIFF

Imagery: .PDF .JPG . PNG .GIF . SVG

           .BMP .TIFF .TIF .RAW .PXR

           (Ask about our other file types)

CAD files: .DXF .DWG .MJO .CCX .CC6

        .CFG .TSJ .TLSV .Z00 .REP .W3D

RMH, the city of Rocky Mountain House was fully mapped using truck mounted LiDAR (Infrared Lasers) and 360 degree cameras. Three Dimensional 3D
360 degree images show the field of view, a coulourized DEM and DTM display elecations and a cross section profile shows the approach
Mobile Mapping LiDAR scanned roadways colorized on the University of Saskatchewan Campus in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
Profile of the intersection of a rail line and a range road in the rural municipality of perdue

We can create 3D surfaces and plans based on provided design specs and as-built plans of finished sites.


These design surfaces can be exported for use with GPS equipment (machine control and survey equipment).




(for AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Global Mapper and Revit)


.CSV .txt

(for importing to other design software)



(for GPS equipment)

Geo-Referenced Design

Contour design for drainage of the main parking lot at a mixed resigential and commercial tower created for use with machine control GPS
Three Dimentional LiDAR scan of completed Redberry Lake sewage Lagoons
Three Dimentional georeferenced design of Redberry waste water lagoons (storage and settling ponds) for use with machine control equiptment



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